From Belt Buckles to Beautiful: My Bathroom Renovation

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At the end of last year, I got the opportunity to design the renovations for my main bathroom. Since I am currently studying interior design, this was a very exciting opportunity. While the basic layout of this bathroom didn't change, this renovation took it from bland and outdated to fun and sophisticated!

First off, let's start with some before photos:


A look at the overall design of my bathroom before. The bathroom featured the same tile floor to ceiling.

At about eye level, there was a row of tiles that featured belt buckles. What says stylish bathroom more than belt buckles (can you hear the sarcasm in the text)?

Along with the dated vanity, this picture shows the cheap, cream coloured plastic countertop and the basic unframed mirror.

The towel bars were cemented into place with transparent plastic bars in between. I have to admit, these bars were annoying for more than just their looks as they were a lot smaller than the holes they were in, allowing them to rotate and for towels to constantly fall off of them.


The Inspiration:

The redesign for this bathroom all started with the desire for a blue vanity. I love the colour blue in a home, and for many years I had pictured a blue vanity in this room. About a year before this bathroom was renovated, we thought about just painting the former vanity (and covering up the belt buckles with stick-on tiles). We went out and picked out a variety of different blue paint colours, but after bringing them home, I knew exactly what colour I wanted, Loyal Blue. It was vibrant and yet, still sophisticated.

After determining the colour we wanted the vanity to be, we picked out the shower curtain. We found this shower curtain at Home Sense. What I love about it is that it encompasses the fun and sophisticated look I was going for, but it also incorporated many different colours.



The next thing we found were the knobs for the vanity. We found these beautiful hand painted knobs at store called Primitive Designs in Port Hope. They pull in the blue colour of the vanity, and also the curved lines from the shower curtain.


The Renovation:

Shortly after finding these knobs, it was decided that both upstairs bathrooms, including this one, would be renovated. While we did work with an interior designer, this bathroom was designed by me. The vanity is of course the focal point in this room. And while I wanted to balance the design, I also wanted to emphasize this focal point.

I am so happy with how this vanity turned out! The designers at Cabinetree made it both beautiful and practical. The blue colour is exactly what I wanted and it is has SO much storage!



I decided to stick with a neutral and fairly plain tile for the floor. While it may be fairly plain, the colour and texture of it bring out the blue tone of the vanity. The wall colour has the same effect. It is a light grey with a bit of a blue undertone (I can't remember the name of it...). I love this colour because it is light, making the room appear brighter and larger, and it also ties the entire room together.



For both the shower tile and the vanity, I wanted a bright white. I personally always lean towards white countertops, but since I wanted a clean and simple look for many aspects of the room (so that it didn't become too busy), white was the perfect way to go. The hexagonal tiles in the shower were chosen to balance the vanity on the opposite side. It creates a point of interest without competing with the vanity.



I loved the cross handles on the taps for the faucet, as it added some interest without being too much. This design was reflected with the tap for the shower, which has a similar design. All of the metals in this room are in a chrome finish (which is my personal favourite metal finish for interior design).  All the plumbing fixtures were from a local store called, Berardi Brothers.



There are so many more design elements I could talk about in this contemporary bathroom that I could write a novel, but I will stop here. I hope you love the transformation as much as I do!  See more photos below!



Before & After



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