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Some of you may be wondering where my designs ideas have come from, or why I made the design decisions I did when creating it. That is why I have decided to do blogs for all the new designs I put out! The newest design, Let It Snow, Deer, is our latest holiday/winter design!

I had the general vision for this design in my head for a while before I actually created it. I knew I wanted a wintery design that featured a deer (or reindeer for those Christmas lovers like myself). The idea for the deer came from fair isle designs. Fair isle designs are some of my favourite patterns for the holiday season! Since I already used the general idea of a Christmas fair isle design in my Happy Holidays collection, and because I didn't another denominational design, I decided to gear this design towards winter in general.

It has been a while since I created a true pattern for Kat's Print Boutique, so I really wanted to create one. But, I also knew I wanted this design to be able to stand on it's own whenever it wasn't in a pattern so that it would look better on products such as t-shirts.

The first thing I drew was the deer. Honestly, I'm usually pretty good at drawing silhouettes but for some reason, I struggled a bit to draw a deer I was somewhat happy with. Even after I finished the hand drawing though, there was still something not quite right, so I took to computer editing.


The deer I hand drew


Once I was finally happy with the deer silhouette, I started creating the sparkles/snowflakes. I did initially hand draw these, but I wasn't at all happy with how they turned out, so I ended creating these on my Adobe Illustrator. While there is part of me that wishes I drew these by hand, so that I could say it was a completely hand drawn, I would rather have an overall design that I am happy with. This way I am appeasing the perfectionist side of me while also giving you guys the best design I can offer!

 This design ended up being sophisticated, yet still fun. It also has a bit of a serene and glam feel to it.

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