How I'm Closing Out My Summer

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I can't believe summer is almost over!  It seems to go by faster and faster every year! Though realistically, my summer doesn't really end until the weather changes! (Although my weekends will likely be less busy...). Aside from my jobs and working on the interior design course I'm taking, here are some of the things I'm planning to do with the rest of my summer!

Spending Time at the Lake

I love spending time at the lake in the summer months! I've been spending time at the lake since I was little and my grandparents had a cottage in Bala. While they don't have this place anymore, my parents' have had spots for us to spend time at in the Kawartha Lakes since. At first they had a dock on the lake, and now they have a trailer right on the lake!

While at the lake, I like to float on floaties, paddle board and go boating!  All of these activities are relaxing and a way to relieve my stress. Spending time at the lake still is, and always will be, one of my favourite things to do in the summer.


Hanging Out With Friends & Family

Doesn't it always seem like you see more of your family, and friends that you don't see on a regular basis, more in the summer? This is certainly the case for me, and it will be for the rest of summer!

It seems like everyone that I haven't seen yet this summer is coming up in the last week of August. I am getting to see more of my family members, and I am getting to spend a day at my parents' trailer with some of my closest choir friends!



Ok, so I'm not really a big swimmer. I generally prefer to stand around or float around in the pool, generally while talking with friends. While I like to take a dip in the lake, my parents also have a big, refreshing pool to swim in (although my short self wishes the shallow end was a little shallower than 5 ft).

Indulging in Ice Cream

I'm not going to lie, indulging in ice cream isn't just something that I save for the summer. I think ice cream is perfect for anytime of year! Still, the summer heat is a good excuse to indulge! My personal favourite brands of ice cream and frozen yogurt are Kawartha Dairy and Chapman's.  Here are some of my favourite flavours from these two brands:

  • Kawartha Dairy: Salted Caramel Truffle, Moose Tracks, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.
  • Chapman's: Vanilla with Chocolate Chunks and Caramel Frozen Yogurt, Crispy Peanut Butter Crunch Frozen Yogurt, and Vanilla Bean with Salty Caramel Saucy Frozen Yogurt.


How are you planning on spending the rest of your summer?

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