Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

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Tomorrow is December 1, which means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to decorate your home for the holidays!  We recently finished ours (just in time for the Kat’s Print Boutique Holiday Shopping Party) so I’m going to share some of my favourite Christmas decoration ideas as well as a few little tips!


The Tree

Of course, the Christmas tree is a staple around this time of year.  I know many people who prefer to purchase real trees but my family has a fake one (that of course looks realistic) that we put up every year.  Not only is it cleaner, but it is better for our animals (we’ve had pets try to eat and climb our former real trees).  Here’s a list of some of my preferences and tips for your Christmas tree:

  • Even if you’re buying a fake tree, buy one that looks real. I personally don’t like the pink, silver, or unnatural coloured trees, but if you really like them, I would suggest getting smaller ones as accents.
  • If you’re buying a fake tree, get one that is easy to assemble. The fake trees seem to get more realistic and easier to assemble every year, so take advantage.  We recently bought a new tree that is pre-lit and only in four pieces (the stand plus three parts of the tree).
  • When decorating your tree, stick to a colour scheme and/or theme. For the last few years, we have done a cranberry red and metallic colour scheme with a sophisticated feel (See the photo above).  If you have kids you could do something more fun, like a snowman theme.

Here are some tree and ornament suggestions for you to shop!


These pre-lit trees are perfect for putting your presents underneath!


Mix and match some of your favourite holiday ornaments!


I love all these toppers!  They're elegant yet fun!


Changing Up Your Basic Decor

There are certain decor items that are easy to switch up seasonally or for holidays.  I’ve listed some of them below.  Click on the photos to shop!

Throw Pillows:


*Suggestion: Put the first two pillows together on a chair or one end of the couch.  It works even better if the Holiday Ornaments pillow is slightly larger than the Happy Holidays pillow.



Duvet Covers:



Grand Entrances

For the past five years, my family has put a garland on our front staircase (which generally has a sense of grandeur to it due to the shape, size, and location) to add to the festive spirit and feeling of warmth.  While I did not come up with the idea for the garland, I did put it up on my own this year!  This is how you can create something similar, as well as some materials for you to buy to make your own!

  • Buy enough garlands and string lights to cover the length of the area you want to cover. If the you buy garlands and string lights separately, put them together.  Once you have done that, attach them to the area by taking two “branches” and twisting them together around the banister (or whatever you are putting them on).  Overlap each new garland to create a seamless look.


             <---This one is a really good deal!

  • Once your garlands and lights are up, it is time to put on the ribbon. Ours is cut into a few longer pieces but depending on how you buy it, you can make your pieces as short or long as you like.  To attach these to the garland, start at one end and wrap a “branch” around it.  Bunch up the ribbon as you like and make sure to wrap some “branches” around it as you go.



  • For the last step, add in some decorative elements, such as the sparkly poinsettias we have up (See the photo above).



Here are some other suggestions to create a grand holiday entrance!

Put this onto another piece of furniture or decor to give it a festive punch!


Here are some other Christmas decor items that I love!

This classic stocking comes in four different colours!

How cute is this? It is perfect for the little ones in your household!

These can add a pop of colour to your tree, wreaths, or other decor items!

The perfect decoration for your front door!

Add these to a nice bowl for an element of sparkle!

If wreaths aren't your thing, this would look amazing on your front door!

This would look perfect on a mantle or above a large mirror!

I love these candlesticks!  And bonus, they can be used all winter long!

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