Design Visions for 2020

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While I have a certain attachment for all the designs I have created, overall, I don't love the designs I introduced in 2019 as much as the designs I had introduced before that. After my last blog came out, I was talking with my one friend Emily about this. We talked about how I felt about the designs I released in 2019, why these were the types of designs I released, and a plan for designs for 2020. I'm not going to go too far into this discussion, as I don't want this to be a repeat of my last blog, but I do want to share my design visions for 2020.

In my discussion with Emily, one thing I mentioned was creating the ideas for my designs well ahead of time, that way I could plan the time to create the designs, as well as fully develop the idea before I start creating it. While there is still a lot to think about for my designs, and while there still might be a lot of change, I thought I'd share them you!

As you may be able to tell, I love a good floral pattern. I have created a few different ones, all of which are some of my favourite designs. Since I love these designs so much, I want to create more in 2020. Right now, I'm thinking of two different floral designs. I will do another colour of the roses design. Possibly pinks or grey tones. I was also thinking of creating a pattern with a different flower. Right now I'm leaning towards daisies.

I love the design aesthetic of moroccan tiles. Creating a design inspired by moroccan tiles has been on my mind since the beginning, but I really would like to do it in 2020. This would be a print that would easily be appropriate for all seasons. My hesitancy with creating this design is that I have a very specific idea in mind, and I want my final design to be perfect.

It's been a while since I created a new Kid's Korner design, so I definitely want to do another one. Some ideas of animals I could use are monkeys, cheetahs and puppies. While I haven't made a final decision on which animal to use, I have been narrowing it down.

For next winter I want to create a snowy mountain design. I saw some designs I am using as inspiration in the past year, and I am loving them more and more. That is why I want to create a design like this for the next winter season!

There are many other design ideas I have in my head, but right now, these are the few I am leaning towards doing. I want to make sure that this year I design prints and patterns that I am incredibly proud of!

While these won't be released in the very near future, I can promise you that there will be two new types of products introduced REALLY soon!

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