Do You Make New Year's Resolutions?

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Now that Christmas is over, you are probably thinking about how you are going to ring in the new year, and possibly thinking about your new year's resolutions.

Personally, I'm not one for making new year's resolutions.  I believe in setting goals, or resolutions, year round.  You shouldn't just wait for New Year's to set a goal or have an achievement.  If you have something that you want to to achieve, you should work towards it, no matter what time of year.

Regardless, if the beginning of a new year triggers a positive change in your life, then that is a good thing!

While I am not one to set New Year's resolutions, I do have some goals that I will be working toward in 2018.  Read some of them below!

1. Grow My Business

This is a big one.  Since Kat's Print Boutique is pretty new, tit has a lot of growing to do!  Not only do I want to grow my sales, I want to grow my audience, design new products, get my products in brick and mortar stores, and so much more.  Honestly, you would get bored if I went through everything I want to achieve with my business in the next year.

2. Be More Outgoing

I am naturally an introvert.  Going out isn't something that I really enjoy doing most the time.  Honestly, this is something that I have been working on for years.  I used to be much more shy.  It is something that I continually work on, and that I will probably continue to work on for a long time coming.

3. Be Healthier

I started working on this earlier this year, but honestly, my commitment to this goal wavers.  I will go periods where I am really good at exercising regularly and eating better, and then for whatever reason, I will fall back into my bad habits.  Right now, I am just starting to get back into the healthier habits.  I am trying to get back into the habit of working out more regularly (the healthy eating can be difficult at this time of year with all the delicious holiday chocolates!).  I don't expect to be perfect, I actually know that I won't be, but any step towards being healthier is a step in the right direction, right?


What are your goals for 2018? If you are having trouble coming up with goals, or resolutions, keep checking our Kat's Print Boutique's social media accounts!  I will be posting suggestions for the rest of 2017!

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