What Inspired My Falling Leaves Design

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Have you guys ever wondered how I come up with the designs I sell on Kat's Print Boutique?  Well today I'm giving you a look into what inspired my newest design, Falling Leaves!

Honestly, this design was not one that I had a clear idea of until fairly close to the end.  It was one that grew gradually as I worked on it and played around with different features on Adobe Illustrator.  This design did not start off as leaves.  In fact, it started off as petals.


As you may have been able to figure out, I love floral designs.  Before I started Kat's Print Boutique, I created some sneaker designs with a rose theme.  Along with the roses used in my Roses and Blue Roses designs, I also created a design with rose petals.

When I started working on this design, I was thinking of doing a design with falling petals.  I was playing around with different editing options on Adobe Illustrator, but I just wasn't loving how they were turning out.  Then, I stumbled across a feature called "Blend Front to Back".  I loved the effect this had on the petals but didn't feel like they looked like petals anymore.  That's when I first had the vision for Falling Leaves.

Since the autumn season is beginning, I wanted to use colours influenced by the season, and the falling leaves  One of my favourite colours, and a colour perfect for the fall season, is burgundy.  That is why I decided to use this as the main colour for this design.

After I edited the two different petals, I started playing around with different colours that I thought would go well with the burgundy.  Then, I started layering them so that it looked like they were gradually falling from a tree.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how much I liked this design until it was done and on the products.  After seeing it on the merchandise, I fell in love with it.  Falling Leaves may actually be one of my favourite designs (although Roses will always have my heart).  My favourite product from the line, the Flare Dress with a Burgundy Bodice.  Shop it and all the other Falling Leaves products by clicking here.

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