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For all you loyal blog readers, you can probably see that all I can think about writing lately is about the bathroom I designed. I'm semi obsessed. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

  1. It is the first room I ever designed all by myself (and it was successful!!)
  2. Since I designed it, I love every single design aspect of it
  3. I see it everyday

So, for this week's blog I thought I would tell you about some of my favourite parts of my bathroom!

The Cabinets



When I first started thinking about what I wanted for my bathroom, I knew I wanted blue cabinets. At first, I was thinking we were just going to paint the existing cabinets, and leave the walls and countertops as is. The blue I chose, Loyal Blue, went perfectly with these features.

By the time it was decided to renovate the entire room, I had become attached to this colour. It also went perfectly with the shower curtain, which we had already purchased. Local company, Cabintree, custom made these gorgeous cabinets. I am still so happy with this colour and glad that I went with this shade. The cabinets are a statement, but don't overpower the rest of the room. These cabinets make me want to have blue cabinets everywhere!

The Mirrors



It took me a bit of time to decide on the mirrors for this room, but I am so happy with the decision I made. I knew I wanted two rounded mirrors that weren't too plain, but that was about it. I kind of thought I wanted a framed oval mirror, but as I started my search I couldn't find anything I loved (at least anything that wasn't crazy expensive).

When I found these mirrors on Home Depot's website, I was deciding between it and a few others. I wanted to see it in person, but unfortunately they didn't have it in stock at our local store. In the end, I decided to just go with my gut and get these ones. They ended up being perfect for the room, pulling in the curves from the shower curtain and cabinet knobs.

The Shower



When designing the shower, I knew I wanted it to be fairly simple, but not overly so. I decided to stick with a white tile that spanned the entire shower, but wasn't a super simple shape. The hexagonal tiles achieved just that.

My next decision with these tiles was which direction they should go in. I googled a picture of a similar tile and kept flipping it back and forth. When I decided this direction I wasn't 100% sure, but I believe this was the best choice. I think it makes the shower look larger than it is with the tiles facing this direction.

The Accessories



The accessories help tie the whole room in together. Some of the items were things I just found when I wasn't even looking, and some things I went searching for. Some of the items that I searched for include the tray on the counter and the wall art above the towel racks. The art was found on Bouclair's website. The shapes reflect the curves in the mirrors, shower curtain, and knobs.



The tray was something I found at Home Sense. After the room was done, I went to put my most used hair products on the counter, but thought it looked bland on its own. I knew I wanted to find some sort of shelf, but the simple white tray was the perfect find.


The Overall Look

Ok, so this one may seem a little generalized, but the harmonious look of everything put together is one of of the things I am the most proud of with this room. Creating a harmonious balance in a design is something that has been stressed in my interior design course. This room looks cohesive, yet exciting. Your eye moves from one area to the next seamlessly. Overall, I'd say this bathroom has a contemporary design with a bit of a farmhouse feel. It is exactly what I was aiming to achieve.

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