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Anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas music. The other day when I was getting some work done for Kat's Print Boutique and debating what to do for my next blog post, I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album Wrapped in Red when the song My Favorite Things came on.  That's when inspiration struck and I decided to do this blog on some of my favourite Kat's Print Boutique items and designs! By the way, it was really hard to narrow down this list.


These are a few of my Favourite Designs!

  1. Roses/ Stop & Smell the Roses: These two designs are my favourite Kat's Print Boutique designs and also the first design I created. In fact, this design was created a few years before Kat's Print Boutique was founded. So this one may be my favourite partially because of the sentimentality, but there are other reasons as well.  Two of them include: my love of floral designs and the fact that they are fun, fashionable and vibrant without being too vibrant.
  2. Blooming Love: I told you, I love floral designs, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Blooming Love is one of my favourite designs.  I also love this design because it mixes two patterns, florals and stripes, giving it a fashion-forward and contemporary look. Fun fact: I originally created this design for my mom's Mother's Day present.
  3. Falling Leaves: As you may have read in my blog post about what inspired this design, when I started creating this design I had a whole other idea in mind for what I was trying to create, but in the end I was surprised by how much I loved the end result of this design!  I love the burgundy colour that is the backdrop of this design, and I also love the watercolour effect of the leaves!
  4. Home Sweet Home: This was actually the first design I ever created using Adobe Illustrator.  I knew I wanted a design that said "Home Sweet Home" but I really didn't have a clear direction. I love the fun and delicate flowers that are in this design, and I also love the colours used in the flowers and the leaves.
  5. Oliver the Owl: While I love all my Kid's Korner designs, my latest, Oliver the Owl is probably my favourite.  I love the colour scheme used in this design, and I also love that this design works for both boys and girls.  It is fun, cute, and a perfect addition to your little one's closet or room (or even your own school/work supplies)!


These are a few of my Favourite Products!

  1. Beanies: These lightweight beanies are perfect for the cooler weather.  They aren't so thick that you can't wear them in this in between weather, but they also are lined with bamboo, keeping your ears nice and toasty. I love that my Roses beanie can add an element of flair to my plain black winter coat.  I also get compliments on it all the time!
  2. Loose Tank Tops: Honestly, I am wearing my Walking for Sixty-five Roses Loose Tank Top as I am writing this. These tank tops are super soft and comfortable, but also look nice! You can wear them to work, out with friends, or even to sleep in (honestly, I have done all three of these).  I just want to fill my closet with all different patterns of this tank top!
  3. Makeup Bag: I personally don't have one of these yet but it is on my list. I got my mom a Blooming Love Makeup Bag for mothers day and whenever I see it I think to myself, "I should get myself one of these" (I just need to decide what design to get it in...). They are spacious, durable and have pockets inside for organizing your things! They are the perfect travel necessity.
  4. Flare Dresses: One of the first times I wore my Roses Flare dress was in Naples, Florida on a trip with my family. My mom overheard a random lady say to her friend "I love her dress".  This dress is flattering, comfortable and possibly best of all, it doesn't show sweat! That means you can wear a brightly coloured one on a blistering hot day and not have giant sweat marks down your armpits!
  5. Tote Bags: These stretchy tote bags can fit just about everything.  I have carried my choir music, board games, pillows and so much more in my Stop & Smell the Roses Tote Bag! I also love that they have a fun, coordinating lining, and that they are durable and easy to clean.
What are some of your favourite Kat's Print Boutique designs or products?

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