Get Your Home Spring Ready!

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Although the weather may not always feel like it, it is officially spring! That means it is time to swap out your winter decor for some brighter options!  So, start your spring cleaning and put away all those heavy blankets and knitted pillow cases!

Here are some spring decor trends to look for when you are shopping. You can follow one, or all of them, to get the perfect spring look for your home:

  • Light & Bright: this goes for materials and colours. Choose materials like cotton, canvas & linen for your decor. As for colours, choose pastels and vibrant colours, or lean towards whites rather than blacks.
  • Fun Patterns: Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to play with colours and patterns! It is the perfect time to choose prints with a wide variety of colours.
  • Natural Elements: Choose colours or patterns that are inspired by nature! Whether its flowers, leaves, or something else!

Here are some easy ways to spring the new season into your home!








Other Decor:

Put some flowers (or fake flowers) in these for a spring-y look!

Put these in a bowl to add some colour & texture to your room!


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