Getting Through the Busy Times

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May was a busy month.  Yes, there were many fun times and I got to celebrate my birthday, but I didn't have much free time.  My weekends were completely booked and my to do list was long.

So, how did I get through this busy month? Here are a few of the things that helped me stay on track during the month of May.

  • To Do Lists/ Reminders: For me, lists and writing everything down is essential.  I'm the type of person who if I write it down, I likely won't even need the reminder.  But if I don't, I'll likely forget.
    • To Do Lists: I always have a to do list on my laptop.  There are some things, things I do weekly, that are on there all the time.  But there are also things that I put up as I go.  Generally, I list the most important things, or the things I have to get done first, at the top.  Sometimes though, if I have deadlines, I'll break it down by day.
      For me, the most important thing to do is continuously update the list, especially if it is a list broken down by the day.  Some things may take longer than expected, and may may take less time.
    • Reminders: If I have anything that needs to be done by a fairly specific time, I make a reminder on my phone.  As I am constantly updating my business social media accounts, I am on my phone quite often.  That is why these reminders are so effective for me!

  • Prioritize: As this month was so busy, I didn't have time to do everything I wanted to do.  That is why it was important for me to prioritize what needed to get done, even more so than normal.  To a certain extent, May was more focused on the short term, rather than the long term.  While the long term is important, putting off some of those things for a few weeks won't make as much of an impact as putting off, or not doing, the short term things.
    June has more free time than May for me, so I will be able to get more of the long term tasks done then (so keep an eye out!).
  • Ensure I get enough sleep: You've probably heard it time and time again, sleep is key.  Personally, I find I can't concentrate as well when I am tired/ lacking sleep.  After I finished all the stuff I had to do this past weekend, I sat down to do work and was so tired, I got hardly anything done!  That is why getting enough sleep is so important!  Not only will my quality of work be higher, but I'll also get more done.  Yes, I did lack sleep at some points in the month, but I made sure I caught up and got enough when I could.
  • Enjoy the breaks: Most of my weekends in May were booked with friends and/or family.  While there was part of me that felt like I should be doing work, I also knew that if I should enjoy those moments.  Enjoying those moments will in the end help me relax and eventually do better work.


How I spent some of my weekends in May.


May was a busy month filled with fun, friends, family, a little bit of stress, and some lack of sleep, but thanks to the methods mentioned above, I made it through.



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