How I Celebrated My Birthday Weekend!

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This past Sunday I celebrated my 25th birthday!  It was a busy and fun weekend filled with celebrations, family, friends, and chocolate!

On Saturday, my parents and I traveled to Toronto to attend the wedding of one of my Dad's cousins (Congrats Christine and Grant!).  We got to the hotel where we saw some family members and got ready for the wedding.

After we got dressed and did our hair and makeup, we walked to the wedding location (which was conveniently attached to the hotel) where we saw and talked with even more family members, including some I haven't seen in years!  Shortly after, the ceremony started.  My brother, Doug, and Uncle Kevin played the processional as the beautiful bride walked down the aisle.


Myself and some of the family at the wedding


The rest of the night consisted of catching up with family, dinner, dancing, and playing giant jenga!  We were all having a good time at the reception when midnight struck and my birthday began!  This may have been the first birthday I had with people singing Happy Birthday to me at midnight...


My mom and I at the wedding!


When we woke up on Sunday morning, we went down to a wedding/ Mother's Day breakfast at the hotel.  As I got there, I got my first gift of the day, Rocky Mountain Chocolate!  After we finished breakfast, we packed up our stuff, checked out of the hotel and got ready for our lunch!


At breakfast with some of the family!


My parents, brother, brother's girlfriend (Ariana), and I walked to our lunch location, Cacao 70, where we met up with a few family members and my friend Jodi from University, who I hadn't seen since our commencement!  Shortly after ordering our chocolate meals (by the way, the Triple Chocolate Pizza is delicious!!) we started opening the gifts.

From my parents, I got some Lululemon On the Fly shorts, tickets to see Lea Michele and Darren Criss in concert, and a ticket to see Pentatonix in concert!  From my brother, I got a beautiful necklace (which was perfect as I forgot to bring a necklace to wear that day).


Celebrating my birthday at Cacao 70!


Along with my celebrating my birthday, we were also celebrating Mother's Day (I couldn't have chosen a better mom to celebrate this day with!).  My brother and I each gave my mom some gifts.  Doug gave her a drink dispenser for outdoor parties and I gave her a makeup bag that I designed (okay, so I actually gave her a picture of it because I didn't finish the design in order for it to arrive before Mother's Day...). I wanted my mom to be the first to get this design, but it is now available!

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Before the day was done, I also received gifts from my Ariana and one of my best friends, Emily.  Those were both chocolate.  Clearly my love of chocolate is well known (or maybe they just read my last blog on the Top 5 (Not So) Guilty Pleasures)!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped make the day so special!  Hopefully 25 is the best year yet!

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