I Graduated My Interior Design Couse: What I Learned & What's Next

Posted by Kathryn Harris-Lowe on

As many of you loyal blog readers are probably aware, for the past year I have been working on an online Interior Design course through the Interior Design Institute (read my first blog about it here). At the end of May I officially finished this course and I received my graduation certificates less than a week ago! I am so excited to have finished this course because of the accomplishment, and because I need a little break.



I started this course last year when I realized I had to make some major changes to my life. My career path hadn't taken the trajectory I thought it might while I was in University, and while I would love to work full-time on Kat's Print Boutique, I realized this wasn't financially feasible at the moment. While it was tough, deciding to focus more on Interior Decorating/Design was a choice I am so glad I made. Yes, my life this past year has been busy and at times challenging, but it has also been fulfilling, educational and a year that I can see as a push-off point for my future career goals. There were many years after University where I was searching, unsuccessfully, for the right career path for myself. This past year was the first year where I truly felt like I was on the right path.

Deciding to get a new job (along with running this business) and to take the Interior Design course, was a big step for me. Along with both of these things teaching me a lot about myself and my goals, the Interior Design Course taught me many things, including:

  • More about the elements and principles of design, as well as design styles: While I already had a basic understanding of a lot of this. This course gave me a more in depth look into these concepts and how to apply them to interior design.
  • Creating floor plans and lighting plans: These were things I hadn't really done myself before this course. I would always try to visualize them when watching renovation shows, but actually doing them was more difficult than I thought it would be. I had to play around with the floor plan a decent amount in order to create a plan I was happy with, that was practical, functional and allowed for the design concepts I visualized in my head.
  • Lighting and finish schedules, as well as colour choices and furniture layouts: These are things that I am naturally fairly good at, but putting it all together and designing multiple, cohesive rooms was something I hadn't done too much of before. I really enjoyed practicing these skills and seeing how these plans looked to a third party advisor, who was my tutor for the course.

There was so much more I learned from this course, but those are some of the key things.

Some of you may be wondering what's next. I do plan to take more Interior Design courses, but which ones exactly is something I still need to figure out. I am going to take a break from courses for the next few months to figure out which course I want to take next, and to give myself a little break.



The last year has been crazy. I've been working full-time, working on Kat's Print Boutique, organizing the surprise performance for my mom's 20th anniversary/retirement from the Peterborough Children's Chorus, trying to have a semblance of a social life, and of course, working on the interior design course. Now that I am done this course, I am ready to take a break. Spend more time with friends, take some "me" time, and enjoy my summer.

Keep reading my blogs to stay up to date on my Interior Design journey. :)

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