Inspiration - Fashionable Instagram Posts (That I Want to Shop)

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If you read my log about My Top 5 (Not So) Guilty Pleasures, you know how much I love to shop!  That is part of the reason why I follow some of my favourite brands and influencers on Instagram.

Here are some of my favourite posts (that I want to shop) that have been on my Instagram recently.


These are fairly similar to the Petty booties I featured in last week's blog.  If you couldn't tell from that blog, Sam Edelman is one of my favourite (if not my favourite) shoe brand.  Not only are their shoes really cute, but they fit my feet really well!


Ok, so I'm kind of in love with this bag! I love the classic colour scheme as well as the embellishment!  Anyone who knows my fashion sense knows I love florals and embellishment (and I love floral embellishment even more!).


Not only do I love Kortney Wilson's show, Master's of Flip, but I also love her sense of style (and TV shows apparently!).  This Friends sweatshirt is not only super cute, but it also honours my favourite TV show!


I'm not. going to lie, I've been looking at these sandals all summer.  The beading and patterns on them are so cute!  And I also love the blue colour.  Any surprise these are Sam Edelman?


This fun and flirty dress is so cute!  I love the floral pattern as well as the deep V back and the bow!


Another thing I've been obsessed with all summer is the bathing suit on the right.  I got two bathing suits from Cupshe earlier this year and was really impressed with their prices and service.  And how cute are those ruffles and low back?


Surprise, surprise, another pair of Sam Edelman shoes made this list!  I love the rose gold colour and simplicity of these shoes.  Not only are they super cute, but they'd go with everything!


I love reading Jillian Harris' blogs and watching her Insta Stories, but I also love her style and this dress!  The ruffled sleeve, scalloped trim and lace are all really cute!  And while yellow isn't generally my favourite colour, I do really like this mustard shade (and it's very trendy right now).


When I eventually get a smart watch, I want this one.  I like that it is still as fashionable as any other Kate Spade watch.  A lot of smart watches look sportier than what I would generally wear, but this is a watch I would wear in a heartbeat!


What's your favourite post from this blog?

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