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I love exploring and finding interior design pictures and videos that I love and that inspire me. I recently subscribed to Style at Home magazine and I love it. Aside from this and HGTV, I find inspiration from accounts I follow and pictures I see on Instagram.

Here are some of my favourite interior design pictures from Instagram the past few weeks!

I love blue in a home. While I don't normally think of this periwinkle blue as one of my favourite blues, I love how light and airy it makes the space feel. I also love how the colour is carried onto the window frame.  Painting trims colours is a huge trend right now.  Contrasting the blue, is the brass accents which add a little more interest and depth to the room.


How awesome is this tile? I love cement tiles for a variety of reasons. With this tile, I love the pattern it creates and its unconventional use. From the jagged edge to how it ties the different elements of the room together, this tile adds a lot of interest to the room.


Another thing I love, patterned dishware (primarily bowls). This photo doesn't show too much of the interior space, but it shows some great examples of how to accessorize your countertop. I do also love the texture and colour of the back splash. And while I wouldn't personally choose a butcher block counter top for my home, I love how it contrasts with the back splash and how the accessories tie the two elements together perfectly.


I have this magazine sitting in my room right now. I love to cottage-y and airy feel this room creates. Aside from the shiplap walls and furniture, I love the two sets of french doors. Most people, myself included, would paint these two doors the same colour. The way this room is styled though makes this look like art. It ties in perfectly with the space and feel of the room.


A great way to add interest to a small space, such as a powder room, is to put a fun and decorative wallpaper on the walls. As I mentioned earlier, I love blue tones, so naturally I love this wallpaper. I also like how they contrast the blue with the gold accents and bright white vanity. It takes away from the business of the wallpaper to make the room serene and beautiful.


Personally, as much as I think it is a beautiful look, I wouldn't choose an all white kitchen. What I do love about this one though is that it allows you do see some of the other gorgeous details, including the decor on the open shelving, the lights above the island and the rug.


Okay, so this isn't technically an interior design space, but it features some decorative elements. How fun are these pieces? They are bright, colourful, and perfect for summer. I feel like the patterned wallpaper would make a great accent wall in the right space!


As you may have noticed from the Style at Home magazine cover a posted a few pictures up, bold, colourful doors are becoming a huge trend.  While red is a classic (and one of my personal favourite accent colours, aside from blue), this yellow door is perfect for this home. I love how it contrasts with the grey and even pulls from some of the plants you see in the garden.


My absolute favourite part about this room is the light fixture. How elegant and luxurious is this piece?  Not only do I love the shape and colour of this light fixture, but I also love how it looks like there's diamonds on the end of each rod.  Not only does this add to the sense of luxury, but I think it would also give off an interesting amount and pattern of light!


What was your favourite post from this blog?

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