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Anybody who knows me knows I love interior design.  Lately I have even been looking at taking interior design courses!  So for this week's inspirational blog post, I am featuring some of the designer/ Instagram accounts that inspire my interior design style.


Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris is one of my favourite designer and blogger.  I love how she can make a space look larger and brighter, and that many of her designs have a timeless look.  My favourite blog series of hers was her Home Tour Series, where she talked about the design of her whole house. 

My favourite room is her laundry room.  I love blue cabinets and cement tiles, and this home incorporates them both so seamlessly!  The room is light and refreshing.  I hope my future laundry room looks this good!

Cement Tile Shop

I found out about Cement Tile Shop from one of Jillian Harris' blogs (they actually make the tile in her laundry room!).  As I mentioned before, I love cement tile.  I love how they can add interest through pattern and texture in ways that other flooring or tiles can't!

My favourite part about their Instagram page is seeing all the different ways that the tile is used.


@cementtileshop (Instagram)

Joanna Gaines

I love Joanna Gaines' home decor style.  Her farmhouse style, and every other style she has done on Fixer Upper, are done flawlessly (in my opinion).  Some of my favourite elements of her design style are: her use of shiplap, open shelving in the kitchen and natural wood elements.

Kortney Wilson

My favourite thing about Kortney Wilson's home design style is that she takes chances that I seem kind of questionable and make them look amazing!  For example, on a recent episode of Masters of Flip, she featured primary colours.  I thought it would look kind of childlike or like a page out of a colouring book but it looked sophisticated, stylish and modern.  I love many HGTV shows, but Masters of Flip is one of my favourites, partly because of Kortney's design choices.


I stumbled across this Instagram account probably about a year ago while I was scrolling through the Instagram Explore function.  She posts home/ home decor photos from other Instagram accounts.  Generally, they have a coastal or classic style.  I love the navy blue and natural wood features (along with many other things...).


@coastalhamptonstyle (Instagram)


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