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As any of you loyal blog readers know, I have recently started an Interior Design course through the Interior Design Institute. (For those of you who haven't read about it, click here!). So far, I have completed two modules, each of which included an assignment. In these assignments, I had to search for photos, all of which are impacting my interior design knowledge and style.

See the photos I've used in these modules below:

Assignment One:

For this assignment, I had to find three photos of rooms that evoked different feelings/ moods and use the elements and principles of designs to explain how that feeling was created.


I love how simple and elegant this dining room is. It is warm and inviting, yet formal. My favourite parts of the room include:

  • The warm, rich grey;
  • The wainscoting and trim;
  • The molding on the ceiling;
  • and the chandelier


This fun and whimsical kids room was on this season's Home to Win. It was designed by Tiffany Pratt, who always seems to add a touch of whimsy and DIY to her designs. What I love about this room:

  • The hand painted wall mural;
  • The heart shaped table with pom-poms around the edges;
  • and the mix of patterns/prints


This warm and cozy living room makes you want to cuddle up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Some of my favourite things about this room include:

  • The fireplace;
  • The coziness and textures of the couch and chairs;
  • and the use of decor


Assignment Two:

For this assignment, I had to find images of well known buildings and homes from different design periods. Here are three of my favourite images from this assignment.


I was fortunate enough to see the Rouen Cathedral in person three years ago when I went on a river cruise through France. This cathedral is one of the most well known Gothic buildings in the world.

I love the detail on this building, including the carvings and the tracery on the windows.


This building is the Haas-Lilienthal House in San Fancisco, California. I personally love Victorian style homes, so the style of this home fits right in with my style. I love the warm grey tone, the decorative trim, the shape of the home, and the style of the windows.


While Art Deco doesn't completely fit my own personal style, I love the geometric shapes, bright/ rich colours, and a retro-esque feeling (although it's technically not retro) the style gives off. The Hoover Building, which used to be a factory and is now apartments, is a great example of the art deco style. I could definitely see using elements of this building and style within future design products!


These two assignments have already taught me a lot about interior design, and my own personal interior design style. I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the course!

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