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As this is my first bi-weekly inspiration blog, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what these posts are!  My inspiration blogs will contain photos of things that I love and find inspiration from, whether in my personal life or for my designs!

This week's featured inspiration is Lea Michele's Places album!


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For those of you who know me, I love to sing.  I am the type of person who can't help but sing along to the radio when I'm driving.  I have been in choir for years and have always thought of myself as a fairly strong vocalist.  About two years ago though, I felt like I was losing my singing voice.

For whatever reason, I had practically lost my head voice and I had a definite break in my voice whenever I went to hit certain notes.  Honestly, I felt kind of lost.  Singing, in my mind, is a part of my identity.  Not being able to sing to my best ability was kind of heart breaking.

For Christmas in 2016 my parents gifted me some singing lessons.  It took a little while, but thanks to these lessons, and my amazing vocal teacher Barb Monahan, I started to get my voice back.

Around the time I started to get my voice back, I also started listening to Lea Michele's Places album on repeat.  Not only do I love her voice, but I love the style of the songs on this album!

Even after my lessons ended for the season, I was listening/ singing along to this album constantly to and from work (which was a little over a half hour away).  It was singing along to this album when I finally felt like I got my singing voice back.  It was singing along to this album when I first felt like there was hope for my singing voice to be even better than before!  (That is part of the reason why I'm super excited to see Lea Michele in concert at the LMDC tour in Toronto!)

Now that my voice is back, I've been wanting to sing even more, including doing more solo singing.  So, to fulfill that and to celebrate the inspiration I found from Places, I decided to sing one of my favourite songs from the album.  Watch the video below!  I hope you enjoy it!


Please ignore the camera movements and frizzy hair... ;p

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