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For this week’s Inspirational Blog Post, I’m giving you a look into what all my September blog posts will be about and what inspired them!

As you are probably aware, summer is coming to end soon.  While there is part of me that is disappointed by this, as I feel like I haven’t gotten to enjoy some of my favourite summer activities enough, there is also another part of me that is really excited.  Fall is my favourite season for three main reasons:

  • The weather: I’m not a huge fan of heat and humidity but I love not having to wear a coat all the time! Fall has the perfect weather for that.
  • The Fashion: I love fall fashion. The boots/ booties, the ability to wear long sleeves and light layers, and the ability to wear jeans or capris on any given day!
  • The Fall Colours: the colours of nature are, in my mind, most beautiful in the fall. I love it when the leaves change colour!

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot about transitioning from summer to fall, which is why for the whole month of September, I will be featuring blogs about just that!  Check out some of the things that inspired my upcoming blogs below!


Style At Home Magazine - October 2018 Issue

I love looking through my Style at Home magazine every month for inspiration and design ideas!  The current issue has many designs inspired by the fall season!  See some of my favourite images from the issue below.

Ceramic Vases from Pier 1 Imports

Backsplash: Saltillo Imports
Rug: Much & Little


Jillian Harris' Blog

I love reading Jillian Harris' blogs. I love her sense of style for both apparel and interior design!  She has posted a few blogs that feature some fall apparel and clothing that can be transitioned into fall that I am using for inspiration for my upcoming blog posts!


Subscription Emails

I don't know about you, but I get more than enough subscription emails in a day.  Sometimes they can be a bit of a nuisance, but sometimes they can be great inspiration!  (Kat's Print Boutique weekly emails are not a nuisance though, so sign up at the bottom of the page!).  Lately I've been getting more and more emails about the fall season.  See some of them below.


Hudson's Bay


Le Chateau

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