Why I Wanted All KPB Products to be Made in Canada

Posted by Kathryn Harris-Lowe on

In celebration of Canada Day this past Monday, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about why all the products sold on Kat's Print Boutique are produced in Canada.

When I was starting Kat's Print Boutique, I was doing a lot of research into fulfillment companies to produce the products I design. I started with a list of requirements for companies I was interested in, including:

  • Must have a selection of products that I am passionate about and that I can design for
  • Must produce quality products and stand by the quality
  • Must be easy to work with. This includes uploading the designs I created and being able to design the product I envision in my head, and good support for any inquiries I might have
  • Must be reasonably priced
  • Must be made and shipped to customers in a reasonable time frame

You may notice that made in Canada wasn't on my initial "Must Have" list. While this was definitely something I was interested in right from the start, the requirements listed above were initially higher on my list. I then came to realize that in order to obtain everything on my "Must Have" list, the fulfillment company had to based out of Canada.

I cannot tell you how many fulfillment companies Iooked into (partially because I really don't know, and partially because of the large number). The majority of fulfillment companies that I could connect with my website and that had the types of products I wanted to sell were based in the United States. Some of them didn't have a lot of accessible information (before signing up with them) and some of them had bad reviews about quality and/or support. There were two main deal breakers for all the ones I looked at that were based out of the United States though.

  1. They were going to be too expensive: While some of them looked reasonably priced on their website, once I took into consideration the exchange rate, the shipping costs and potential duties, the costs were way to high for the quality of the product and/or for the price range I wanted my products to be offered at.
  2. Shipping was going to be too long: I knew shipping from the USA would be longer than from Canada from the get go, but once I added the time to produce the items and then to ship to the customer into consideration, I realized the wait time would turn customers away. It would even turn me away!

After lots and lots of research, I finally found a fulfillment company that met all of my requirements, Art of Where. This company is based out of Montreal. It produces quality products, the prices are reasonable, there is a good turn around time, the products ship quickly to Canada, they are continuously adding more products (which means I am continuously creating new products), and they easy to work with. Many (if not the majority of products) are fully made and produced in Canada, but all of their printing in done in this country. Another bonus, many Art of Where products are eco-friendly!

While my products being made in Canada wasn't initially one of my top priorities in choosing a fulfillment company, I now realize it should have been. I take pride in the fact that all the products I sell on www.katsprintboutique.com are designed and produced Canada!

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