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Working in a furniture store, I see a lot of great furniture on a daily basis. While having great furniture in your favourite design aesthetic is a great way to make your home your own, I have some decorating ideas that will show off who you are even more!

Feature Your Fashion

I recently rearranged the furniture and decor in your bedroom, and one of my favourite changes that I did was to feature my fashion accessories. Not only is it great for storage purposes and accessing my accessories, but it makes for great decor that shows off my style and who I am.

I have featured my more decorative and fashionable purses on one of my shelves, I have my shoes on display, and my hats are featured on one of the walls in my room (see below). I love my hat wall, not only for how it looks, but also because it makes my harts really accessible. I used to have my hats all stacked on top of each other, now I can just grab the one I want!

Switch Up Your Furniture

Whether this be painting your furniture a different colour, switching the lamp shade on your new lamp, or something else, there are many great ways to personalize your furniture! Lately, my favourite way has been switching up the knobs on cupboards, doors and drawers.

I have done this with the cabinets in my bathroom, and I will be doing this with a new dresser I am getting for my room. The dresser I ordered is white with plain white knobs. While I love the white colour for my dresser, I really wanted to make this dresser more special. That is why I went and bought some fun knobs that are very much my style. It takes this dresser from plain to something special and more me.

Be Creative

What do I mean by be creative? This is a very broad idea, but something that I feel can really make a space your own. Rather than just another piece of wall art, add some fun, decals/decor.

Find some pictures, photos or magazine pages and put them in unexpected places. Create a background behind your shelves, create a collage on a table top or find something else perfect for you!  This is a great way to add a bit of your flair to your space!

Personalize Your Decor

There are many items you can buy at stores that you can add your own photos to, such as photo cubes and end tables. You can also order personalized home decor items, such as pillow cases, blankets, coasters, wall art and more! You can personalize them with photos, designs you love/create and so much more! Some of my favourite websites to customize decor on are Costco, Staples Copy & Print, Blacks, and Redbubble.

I have written about why I love giving photo gifts before, and while I do still love giving them, I also think they are great ways to treat yourself! Right now, I love photo blankets the most out of all the photo gifts you can customize. I have given a few to friends and family as gifts, and I have also gotten myself one!

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