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Summer is in full swing! The sun is out, the days are hot and pools are ready to dive into! To celebrate the summer season, I thought I'd share with you some of my summer essentials!

Bags to Carry Everything In!

I don't know about you, but in the summer I am constantly toting stuff back and forth. Whether it be bringing beach gear to my family's trailer, bringing board games to a friend's house or something else, I always seem to need a bag to carry stuff in this time of year.

That is why I LOVE my Kat's Print Boutique Stop & Smell the Roses tote bag! Not only is the Stop & Smell the Roses tote one of my favourite designs, but the bag is perfect for carrying just about anything! It is fairly large (but not too big) and it is super stretchy. I've carried pillows, board games, beach gear and so much more in this tote and it still looks like new!


Most people probably say sandals are their go-to footwear for the summer, and while I have some cute and comfy sandals and beach-ready flip flops, my go-to summer shoes are my Keds. I have a few different pairs of Keds in solid colours and in fun patterns. The fun patterns can add a bright, summer-y feel to a basic outfit. I find they go great with shorts, capris, pants, skirts and dresses!


When I'm swimming or out on my parent's boat, I always like to keep my hair out of my face and to prevent my hair from tying itself in knots. That is why I love my Kat's Print Boutique Headband! It is fun and comfy, and does what I want it to do! There is nothing worse than brushing your extremely knotted hair after a boat ride, and these cute headband prevent that from happening!

Another big plus about these headbands are that they dry quickly! So, if you jump in the lake or just get sweaty from those super hot and humid days, you don't need to worry about waiting long before you put your headband back on! Plus, they are easy to wash if you get them sweaty/dirty.

Sun Hats

I love a good hat. My go-to is a wide brimmed hat, but baseball hats are also good for the summer weather! Not only are hats practical, as they keep the sun out of your face, but they can also step-up your outfit!

Tip: if you are going away somewhere and want to bring a wide-brimmed hat, bunch socks, underwear or anything you don't care about wrinkling in the hat so that it keeps it shape!

Wrap Skirt

The only reason I don't have a Kat's Print Boutique wrap skirt yet is because I can't decide which pattern I want (I think I'm leaning towards the Under the Sea one right now). These skirts are flattering, comfortable and can go from beach to night out with friends really easily!

When I was on my last choir trip in Chicago, we had a semi-formal reception at the end to celebrate our performances. My friend Carolyn wore the Listen to the Music Wrap Skirt to this event and it made me realize how perfect this skirt was for this type of occasion! Before then I thought, it's a cute beach skirt, but it is so much more than that!

Bathing Suits

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious, but I couldn't do a summer essentials blog without including this summer staple. There are days in the summer where I am at my family's trailer and I am in my swimsuit all day. They are a must for summers as sometimes the heat makes it 100% necessary to jump in the pool!

Shopping for bathing suits can be hard. You want to find something that is flattering, comfortable, fashionable and that fits properly. I find this can be difficult as I am a different size top and bottom. This is why I have now started buying one pieces! Not only do I find them more flattering, but I also find it easier to find one pieces that fit.

Read my recent blog about my 3 Favourite Swimsuit Trends to see some of my favourite suits!

Summer Dresses

Sometimes in the sweltering hot heat, you just want to throw on a comfortable and stylish dress. This is why I LOVE my Roses Flare Dress! Not only is it cute, comfortable and flattering, but it also doesn't show sweat! How many colourful summer dresses do you own but are hesitant to wear because you are afraid of armpit sweat showing down to your waist? I know this is always a concern of mine and that is part of the reason I LOVE my Flare Dress as much as I do (and why I want more!).

The A-line dresses we carry in our Redbubble shop are also perfect for those hot summer days, and for throwing on over a bathing suit!



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