My Top 5 (Not So) Guilty Pleasures

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We all have them, those guilty pleasures. But really, should we feel guilty about them? I don't know about you, but my guilty pleasures help me relax, clear my mind, and allow me to treat myself a little bit!  Why should we feel guilty about that?  We all get busy and stressed from time to time, so why not enjoy these little pleasure?

Below are five of my (not so) guilty pleasures!


Those who know me know that I am a chocoholic.  I crave chocolate pretty much all the time and if I have a choice of desserts, I always choose the one with chocolate.  If I'm really craving chocolate, sometimes I'll just have a little bowl of chocolate chips.  The perfect way to satisfy my craving and treat myself!

This weekend I am going to the restaurant Cacao 70 for the first time ever.  Basically, it is a chocolate restaurant!  Reading the menu items makes me salivate!  (Can you tell I'm excited!)


Whether shopping in store or online, I love to shop.  Yes, there are some days (and some things) that I am more or less motivated to shop, but overall, I find it fun and relaxing!  My favourite things to shop for are shoes, clothing, home decor, and kitchen gadgets (that last one comes after working in a kitchen store for a few years).

I would probably describe myself as being on the verge of being a shopaholic.  I know people who are worse at spending than me, and generally I'm pretty good at saving.  But sometimes, I can't resist. 

TV Shows/ Netflix

I'm not going to lie, I probably watch more TV/ Netflix than the average person.  It helps me relax and also can help me concentrate!

I don't know why, but white noise distracts me. That is why generally when I'm working  or going to sleep, I'll watch TV.  Unlike white noise, I tend to be able to drown noises from TV shows out (especially shows I know well, like Friends and Bones).

I also find they are a good way for me to relax and be mindless.  If I find I can't concentrate on my work, I'll watch a TV show to clear my mind of all the extra stuff going through my mind so I can concentrate better again.  Or, if I feel awake or have too many things going through my mind before going to bed, I'll watch a show to relax and take my mind off of things!

Phone/ iPad Games

Whether I'm trying to clear my mind before bed or just kill a few extra minutes, Phone and iPad games are the perfect option for me. Now I can get a little addicted to some games and almost become competitive with myself, but I find them enjoyable and relaxing.

Some of my current favourites are Design Home, Scrabble Blast and Cribbage.

Buzzfeed Quizzes

Buzzfeed quizzes are another way for me to clear my mind when I'm having trouble focusing on work.  The interaction and sheer silliness of some of them helps me, to a certain extent, clear my mind, which in turn helps me focus on my work again shortly after!  Sometimes I'll also read articles on there too but if my mind is in the state where it is having trouble focusing, sometimes I just end up skimming over the articles and not really reading them.


What are some of your (not so) guilty pleasures?

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