Why I Love Giving Photo Gifts

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As many of my friends and family will know, I take pride in finding the perfect gifts for people. While I have given a wide variety of gifts to my loved ones, one of my favourite types of gifts to give are photo gifts.

Photo gifts are great because you can customize an item that the person genuinely needs and/or will get a lot of use out of. Personalizing a gift is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you know and care about them.


Some of My Favourite Photo Gifts I've Given


Photo Collage Blanket for My Mom

I gave this blanket to my mom for her birthday at the end of March. I had given my brother a customized blanket for Christmas and I was so happy with how that turned out, that I decided to make one for my mom. I dug through my computer and Facebook to find photos that would be sentimental to my mom, made them into a collage and uploaded the collage.


Here's a preview of the blanket I gave to my brother for Christmas. It has a pattern of his dog's face on it.


I ordered this blanket from Costco's photo gift website. Not only did it turn out really well, but it also arrived so fast! I ordered it on a Tuesday night and it was delivered by that Friday. I was so excited to give it to my mom, and so happy that she likes it as much as I thought she would.


Cute Puppy Travel Mug


I made this adorable travel mug for my brother's girlfriend'd birthday. As you might notice, this is the same photo used as my brother's blanket. His girlfriend travels quite a bit for work, so I decided to give her a mug with her adorable puppy's face on it, so he could be with her wherever she goes!


Band T-shirt

A few Christmases ago, I gave my brother a t-shirt I designed for his band, Man on the Wall. I created this design based off of one of their original songs, Chip Boy. You may recognize this design from the Kat's Print Boutique Redbubble shop. You can shop this design now!


Some of my Favourite Photo Gift Websites





Print Studio


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