Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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As you may have been able to gather from previous blog and social media posts, I love fall.  It is my favourite season for many reasons, but one of them is the wardrobe.  Unfortunately at where I live, it has gotten incredibly hot and muggy again (I reserve the right to slightly complain about this, as I have never said that I won't ever complain about the heat/ humidity) but the forecast shows it getting back to normal seasonal weather soon! 

Along with the beautiful fall colours (primarily burgundy for me), there any many wardrobe items that I love wearing when the fall weather hits.  I have listed a few of them below with ways to transition them into your wardrobe!


Whether it's a jean jacket, a cargo jacket, or another lightweight jacket, I love layering my outfits with a jacket in the fall.  They are a great way to transition your summer dresses and tank tops into the new season!   Not only will they keep you warmer on those cooler days, but the extra layer makes the outfit look a lot more like autumn.  See some of my favourites here:



Booties are one of my favourite kinds of footwear to wear, and they are definitely my favourite way to wear a heel!  Since the bootie wraps all around your foot, it keeps your foot from sliding around/ out of place too much, making the heel more comfortable (there's a tidbit from my days of working in a shoe store for you).  I also love that you can add a little bit more flair to your outfit with booties than you can with some other types of shoes.  Pair your booties with a dress or some skinny jeans to complete your fall look!



I'm not going to lie, at the beginning of summer, I'm obsessed with shorts.  I feel like I can add more pattern and colour to my wardrobe with shorts than with jeans (personally).  But by the end of summer, I am just wanting to slip back into my jeans.  I'm not sure why exactly.  Maybe its because I don't have to worry about sunscreen or shaving as much, or because I find them easier to pair with boots/booties.  No matter what the way, replacing your shorts for jeans is an easy way transition your outfit from summer to fall.  And jeans tend to go with the majority of tops that your shorts do!  My personal favourite jeans are Old Navy's Rockstar 24/7 jeans.


Wide Brimmed Hats

Ok yes, I do have some wide brimmed summer hats as well, but this time of the year is when I start to transition from my woven summer hats, to my felt fall/winter hats!  Personally, I am a hat person.  My favourite type of hat year-round, the wide brimmed hat.  I find they can add some personality to any outfit, and like the jackets, you can pair them with summer dresses or t-shirts with jeans to make the outfit feel like fall.  See some of the ones I'm obsessed with right now (and don't forget to shop you local boutique stores, they sometimes have the best ones!):



Now, I'm not saying that you should start pulling out all your thick and heavy sweaters (I personally like to save those for the winter weather), but I like to start pulling out my lighter sweaters this time of year.  You can pair these sweaters with pants, shorts, or capris (depending on the sweater and your mood).  They will definitely help your outfit reflect the fall season!


Falling Leaves

And of course, last but definitely not least, Falling Leaves! Shop Kat's Print Boutique's first ever fall design design now to get the perfect pieces for your fall wardrobe!  Shop the whole collection by clicking here!


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