What Starting My New Job Has Been Like

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Recently, I decided to pursue my dream of studying and working in the interior design industry (Read more about it here!). As you know from that blog, I have already started studying interior design and just last week, I started my new job!

While my position isn't directly in interior design, I am working at a local furniture store. In my position, I will still be learning a lot about the different furniture lines, what is popular, and more about furniture. I believe this new job will let me use my existing business and retail knowledge and skills, while also learning more about certain aspects of the interior design industry.



With starting this new job, it meant that I had to leave my part-time client advisor job at the bank.  Honestly, that job was never meant to be long-term (I actually ended up staying a lot longer than I thought I would).  The banking industry was not a great fit for me.  I love being creative, and quite frankly, the banking industry doesn't allow for much (if really any) creativity.  I will say, the part-time position I had was great for when I started my business, as it allowed me quite a bit of time to spend on it.  While I won't miss the job, I will miss the people I worked with.

It was a bit of a quick turnover. With how my schedule worked, I was at the bank one day and the next, I went to my new job.  I only accepted the new job six days before I started it (and for those of you wondering, yes, I gave two weeks notice. I just didn't have anymore shifts scheduled at the bank). The good thing about that is it didn't give me too much time to get anxious about my new position. The bad thing was that I didn't get stuff for Kat's Print Boutique done too far in advance (guess what I've been doing in all my time off from work...).



While its still early in my new position, I am really excited for this opportunity. I will definitely be busy with this full-time job, Kat's Print Boutique, and my interior design course, but I'm sure with time, I'll be more used to this schedule and will be able to figure out the best way to manage my time (that might be a future blog post...).

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  • I love that you are following your dreams! You Go Girl!

    Carol Corner on

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